Drying Marijuana
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   Drying Marijuana | Curing Buds

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With more states accepting medical marijuana as an acceptable form of medication for certain medical conditions, there are more cannabis growing and processing facilities showing up.

These facilities are medical and pharmaceutical facilities that adhere to strict regulations regarding the growth and selling of the substance.

Understanding how these facilities go about drying marijuana can help patients understand the level of care that is taken in the production of the drug for their consumption. It is important to remember that while medical marijuana is legal, the unsupervised consumption of this drug is still illegal. This is not an instruction manual as to how to dry your own marijuana for illegal usage.

Drying marijuana is essential to the consumption and inhalation of the drug. This process must occur immediately after picking leaves and buds. It does need to be completed quickly, with 2 weeks being the optimal time span it takes to dry the drug for usage. Without proper drying techniques, the marijuana will not burn properly, can have contaminants such as mold or mildew, and can even go bad. Proper drying techniques require the use of a warm, dry facility, fans to increase air circulation and proper techniques. Failure to follow the proper techniques will result in a product that can be dangerous to the patients purchasing the marijuana and it can also result in a poor tasting product.

The beginning of the drying marijuana process includes picking the buds and leaves. This process occurs at different times, depending upon the strength and flavor of marijuana that is being created. On average, the marijuana is expected to be a deep green color and the leaves are fully spread. The marijuana plant should not be allowed to come into bloom before drying the cannabis, although for some flavors of the marijuana, it is acceptable to wait until the plant is about to come into seed. Once the leaves and buds have been picked, they should be immediately hung upside down in a warm, dry room. The room should have adequate circulation to ensure that the plants dry evenly and quickly. This can take up to a week to complete.
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